General Yoga


The Australian College of Classical Yoga offers Yoga classes that follow traditional pathways, and concentrate not only on the physical, but on the mental, emotional, and spiritual.  That is, ACCY classes incorporate:

  • Shavasana - relaxation, but so much more!
  • Asana - the movement of Yoga, with a focus on benefits, and joint and muscle care.
  • Pranayama - breathing.
  • Pratyahara - mindfulness.
  • Dhyana - still mind meditation.

ACCY classes are holistic, not simply bending and stretching.  Our instructors move at a moderate, yet challenging, pace, offering modifications for the absolute beginner, and extentions for the more advanced Yogi.

This class is instructed by Darshini and runs on Monday nights at 8.00pm. Darshini has a gentle and loving approach, and an exquisite knowledge of Yoga and anatomy.


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ACCY classes run for 1 and a half hours.  $160 fee is for 10 sessions over 3 months.