Traditionally, Yoga is a life work. It brings us to an experience of reality which is not obstructed by the limitations of ideas and opinions. The mind gives us only a model of reality. Freeing ourselves from the illusion that the model is the reality, is the purpose of Yoga.

The aim of authentic yoga is to awaken the student into the full consciousness of oneness with Reality or Universal Being. Classical Yoga embraces all aspects of Yoga, including Yogasana, the stretching postures of Yoga. With its physical, mental, and spiritual components, Yoga is the ultimate therapy that includes movement and flexibility but is much, much more.
In a state of stillness, there is no talking; there is no certainty, no taking control, no being right or wrong.   In fact, there’s no being anything, there’s  just  being!  The mind doesn’t necessarily look forward to that.  It likes control and certainty.  It likes to be right.  But that brings about a lot of stress